"Shipwreck Adventure" North Tour

Rabil Pottery
In the pottery school in Rabil, an old craft is continued and has great success with it. You can also buy the beautiful figures. Handmade Souveniers 100% from Boa Vista.

Desert Viana
We take you to the beautiful Viana dessert for some fun in the dunes. Enjoy this amazing adventure! We will also try sandboarding! 
The smallest desert in the world!

Shipwreck Cabo Santa Maria
This is one of our favorite spots on Boa Vista, learn more about the history from the Shipwreck. For the locals a 
a piece of history boa vista that will be unrecognizable in a few years.

Sal Rei
Stop at a small local bar for a Grouge tasting and a small snack. You can also use toilet or buy a refreshing drink here.
Sal Rei is the Capital city of Boa Vista, where we do a little city tour, showing you the busier side of local life here on Boa Vista and letting you explore a little. Here you will have the opportunity to meet some locals.

35€ per person / kids 0-3 years free
20€ for kids 3-11 years / RIU Touareg 40 per person