Turtle Nesting (July - October) or 

Turtle Hatching (November)

Why Opt for Turtle Watching with Rotcha-Tours?

No more aimless wandering on the beaches in search of nesting or hatching turtles. Our dedicated team, well-coordinated and equipped with radio communication, ensures a seamless and rewarding experience. They scout ahead, locating turtles and guiding us through the sandy terrain for an up-close encounter with this awe-inspiring natural spectacle.

Whether you join us during Turtle Nesting or Turtle Hatching season, an adventure of a lifetime awaits you. Our tours are offered in multiple languages, so feel free to reach out today to secure your spot.

Logistics: Your pick-up from the hotel or holiday accommodation is scheduled around 6 pm. A one-hour drive follows, taking you to the nature reserve on the East Coast of Boa Vista, where at least 80% of egg laying and hatching occurs on the island.

We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes, dark and warm clothing, and bringing mosquito protection. While there may be moments of patient observation as turtles nest or hatch, the experience is well worth it. You'll return to your accommodation around 11 pm, ready for a fantastic night.

Our small-group approach, with a maximum of 14 people, ensures an intimate and immersive experience. Contact us now to secure your spot!

July to November, book with Rotcha-Tours and benefit from our best price offer. 

Whether you choose Turtle Nesting or Turtle Hatching, the prices are:

Adults €60 per person, per tour

Children aged 3-11 years €35 per child, per tour

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity, call us today to reserve your place!