Wild East Lighthouse


In the Northernmost village on Boa Vista we'll make a short stop to get you ready for the Cape Verdean hospitality. We continue at the Grand (little) Canyon of Boa Vista an impressive landscape!

Vegetable farm:

Here we'll visit a small vegetable farm. Here we will have a specular opportunity to see naturally grown produced, grown and harvested on the island of Boa Vista. It'll truly amaze you at what is possible despite the drought.
Farmer "Teta" looks forward to every visit.

Lighthouse Morro Negro:

The restored lighthouse stands on a small hill (150m), which can be reached by foot in about 15 minutes. A beautiful view is guaranteed and the ascent is worth every effort! We rest a little and enjoy the hospitality of the lighthouse keeper "Ze", he always enjoys fresh fruit or biscuits as presents! Ze also makes and sells souvenirs, so don't forget to bring some change with you!

Shell Beach Porto Ferreira:

With a bit of luck you can find a nice shell here. Here we are in a nature reserve - there is not a soul to be found far and wide. Take your time to unwind. Look at the sea or the sky. Here the sea seems to be bluer than the sky!

Fundo das Figueiras:

Here in the village of flowers and colourful houses a traditional kitchen awaits us for lunch.
We will embark upon a village tour on foot and take a stop at the serenic local church. Here you will experience original aspects of Boa Vista. In a town that has withstood the test of time . Time seems to have stood still here. See the original Boa Vista.

  The way back is via Route 66

Duration: approx. 7 hours

Adults €55 per person / RIU Touareg €60 per person including lunch

Infants 0-3 years FREE / €25 for Children 3-11 years